Explore Data - Group Id

Explore Data | Group Id

Sign up for a Group ID so that data uploaded by anyone in your group (e.g. school or class) can be more easily identified and used in your own analyses. The group ID's will also assist us in verifying the data submitted through the Worm Tracker app.

Choose a group ID that will be easy to remember for members of your group. Group ID's must be an alphanumeric string (i.e. no spaces or punctuation) and at least 6 characters long.

Once you have signed up and chosen a Group ID, members of your group can enter the Group ID on the Submit page of the Worm Tracker app. If you would like to be able to track the data entered by subsets of your group (e.g. classes within a school or groups within a class) then you can do this by having them enter the group ID followed by a dash and an identifying number. For example, if the Group ID is "MsHamilton" then one group within the class could be assigned the group ID "MsHamilton-1", another group could be "MsHamilton-2".

If you have any questions about setting up Group ID's or using subgroup ID's please contact worms@ualberta.ca.